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Six Sigma Certification

Earn your Six Sigma Yellow, Green or Black Belt without a classroom!

It's a common problem. You know Six Sigma can help you and your business.

You want Six Sigma training and certification.

But Green Belt Six Sigma training takes two weeks of dedicated classroom time. Black Belt Six Sigma training takes four to eight weeks! You haven't got the time!

Green Belt Six Sigma training costs between $1,000 and $2,000! Black Belt Six Sigma training costs between $2,000 and $5,000! You can't afford to spend that much!

Fortunately, there is a better way. Bright, Cofield & Harris has provided quality certification training for individuals and companies for years. Our proven classroom training and consulting services cover many quality standards: ISO 9000, ISO 27001, TL9000, CMMI and Six Sigma.

Recognizing the need for Six Sigma training by distance learning, Bright, Cofield & Harris spent two years developing an on-line distance training program for Six Sigma that can benefit you.

Right now.

You can earn a Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Green Belt or Black Belt using our distance learning program, and become a certified Yellow Belt, Green Belt or Black Belt at your own pace.

And, since we don't have classrooms or expensive instructors to pay, you can get these credentials at a surprisingly low price!

The Bright, Cofield & Harris Six Sigma program is not "watered down". This is the full Six Sigma program as you would experience in our classrooms, delivered to you at home or work over the Internet.

You don't have to attend any live sessions.

You can do it at your own pace.

You can receive your Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Green Belt or Black Belt certificate, less expensively than you would have thought, and you can do it faster or slower than a classroom environment allows. You dictate your own pace.

We guarantee our programs cover all the required Six Sigma content. We guarantee you will learn what you need to know through our on-line training program, as long as you apply the effort.

You get expert Six Sigma training exactly as you would in our classroom environment!

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"The World's Premiere Six Sigma Distance Training Program"
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